Incredibily Busy Week x.x

Yeah, I'll get started on it too.

Last week I managed to get into my school's intermediate (Year 9 and 10) Soccer Team, which is pretty cool, it's my favourite sport after all. But the training sessions clash with another thing... Chess. Now, in general, usually people believe girls are not good at the game... But I'm one of the exceptions. I'm really good at chess, and I came second place in my primary school's competition (And there were some really tough players there). So I've been looking forward to this chess tournament in ages, and maybe win this one and make up for my second placing. And I also have my Hybrid Car Team stuff on today, and the competition is on this weekend too. I'm driving a different car too this time around.

Anyway, so far I managed to fit the things in, and the practice for the Hybrid Car driving on the track was cancelled last night due to the weather. I'm worried that the competition won't go ahead, but let's see what happens.

Anyway, here is my schedule for the week

Monday: Chess
Tuesday: Chess, Soccer, Race practice (But it was cancelled)
Wednesday: Chess, Soccer, Hybrid Car Team Meeting
Thursday: Chess, Soccer
Friday: Chess (Maybe... since Gala Day going to be on I have no idea)
Saturday: Hybrid Car scruiteenering
Sunday: Hybrid Car racing

Yeah, that's a busy week... all to do with school too. I hope this goes well for the rest of the week too.


Storywriting - Having these crazy ideas

Yeah, about everyone knows I have this crazy passion for writing stories and stuff, but recently I've mostly been writing a really crazy storyline for a story.

The story is a fanfiction, which is a story about a cartoon/video game/T.V. show/Novel that a person likes and they make their own storyline or story for it. Some people come up with incredibily sick ideas I don't want to go into details for. Anyway, my story is based on the cartoon series, Code Lyoko, and boy, it just messes up the show completely, but sticks to the actual show. The story starts with a boy named Ulrich Stern, who finds out from the Principal that he's going to be home with his family for the school holidays, having not given the choice staying at his (boarding) school for that time. But then when he spends time with his Dad he abuses Ulrich until they finally reach home. Later that night, Ulrich was forced to protect his mother from his Dad, but he gets beaten up and left for dead, while his mother gets sexually assulted/raped (I'm not going into detail with that scene though, just going to skip the part where his mother does get sexually assulted). And the story justs gets even crazier from then on out.

Yeah, crazy idea, I know, especially just changing a kids' cartoon series to something dark and scary. Although, it's going to be something good to work on in my spare time.


Dealing with Hackers on the net and other technologic stuff

Yep, this is what I have to deal with in my job. Hackers. But it's part of my job to prevent them from spoiling and abusing everyone. I'm actually not too much of a big fan of technology, despite I play video games and have a job on the net. There was this particular hacker that used to be part of the forum I work on, in fact... he was my former boss >.>; Luckily, a member of that forum believed our story about him, and we were able to reveal the truth about him. Which in turn got him demoted, banned and blocked from the forum.

Which is why I really don't like technologic teaching, as inexperience or experienced users could abuse the features of what technology has to offer. It's quite sad really. There isn't a lot of good IT teachers out there, which adds to the problem. I also think teachers should have some computer lessons taught to them to help them teach students (But not getting close to the hacking and other bad stuff).

The only thing I really like about technology is talking to people on forums through IMs (Instant Messaging) devices like MSN or Skype. It kind of brings a lot of good memories too, and I even learnt a few things valuable for school and life through these people I've met.

Technology will probably be used a lot in education in the future. My father always told me that everything is computerized these days (He's a computer analyst too BTW) and that it would be the basis of everything. I don't think it something we should rely on, but used as a tool.

That's just my opinion. See ya.


Subjects and Other Stuff

Yeah, it's that time of year again... Subject selections -_-. With the choices that'll affect our lives and careers. I kind of thought it as an annoying hassle to make decisions in a short amount of time. Oh well, at least I know what to do after Year 12. I either want to be a Neuro Psychologist or an Author/Journalist/Editor.

Anyway... I'm in the still in the process of making the Black Magic Woman AMV and hopefully I'll complete it soon ^^;


Hey everyone!

Hey guys, I'm Monique. I'm in Year 10 and I kind of enjoy my own life. I live with my mother and my brother, and my Dad lives away from me since my parents are divorced >.>

I like History, soccer, storywriting, videogames, chess, cartoons, technology and people in general. I guess that's not a lot x.x. Anyway, I do have my own YouTube Channel and I make these clips called Animation Music Videos (AMVs), which I rearrange episodes of a cartoon to fit a song, which makes a music video. It takes a lot of hard work to make one, but the response from the audience is worth it. I'm trying to make one to Black Magic Woman by Santana now.

See ya later!

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