technology in skools

in many ways using technology in skools is great, it is teaching us new things in ways that we can understand, but it can also be bad, lately on the news it is being reported that senior school students are needing handwriting lessons because they have all gotten so used to typing on the computer. this shows that maybe our generation relies on technology too much, think about it, when the power goes out at your house nine out of ten times you will be stucks with nothing to do and finding it really hard to make food, we need to step back from our addiction to technology and redefine how we use it, it can be great for learning and for making our lives easier but it shouldnt be necissary for us to be completely reliant on it, our parents werent and they survived so would we be any worse off without it?

study guides online, i dont think they are a good idea, students can get things wrong and alot of the time and this can mess up a students understanding of the book, whats wrong with discussing a book with the class? you still get the same benifits without the uncertainty of  not know whether what you are typing is right or not.

technology can make learning alot more interesting and fun and easier, but sometimes the old fashioned way of learning is whats best for us.



Today we had teachers talk to us about VCE and classes we were going to do to lead us into our future careers, ive decided to study paramedicine

(be a paramedic)  unfortunetly this requires science english and math which will all be very hard and to make matters worse there are too paramedicine courses in my state, but dont panic i have a backup plan, if i do not get into my prefered courses i will change to nursing and work in emergency health, so all ends well.  the point is that im prepared for the field i wanna work in, who knows things could come up.

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