Today we have been asked what we think about technology and how it is used in schools. My opinion goes both ways as not all schools have the same technology or teaching strategies. At our school there is a lot of technology and it is used for everyday tasks such as marking the roll. I think that our school has too much technology in some areas and not enough in other areas. We have to much technology in everyday classes that don't need technology. We don't need technology in every class, we could use the technology in computer classes but not classes like engligh and religion. As to not having enough technology in computer classes the computers are very basic and we could use technology in maths and science. At our school we spend money on technology for all classes but i think it could be better spent for modern computers and science equipment. During classes like english i think we should spend more time with hand writing because during exams and tests you don't have a computer to check spelling, grammer, informantion and ideas. It would help our writing abilities if we spent more time hand writing instead of using computers for everything.  As for how the teachers use the technology, some of the teachers are not sure how to use it which is funny. Some teachers don't use it very well, they stick to the basic's and it can be very boring when there are all these programs that could make it fun and interesting. Overall i believe that we shouldn't have the technology we have, we should have the basics : bells and music but all of the computers, electronic whiteboards, electronic rolls and projectors aren't nessesary. We should use that money for a better cause than having a modern school, we're all about helping others before ourselves and doing what we can for the community but here we have thought about ourselves over those dying of poverty, working at the age of 6 just to get by each day. 

These are just some of my views on technology and how we use them at school.

Thanks :]                                                           

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