Learning is about conversation

When you blog you are having a conversation with others. In this interaction you can learn things you didn't know before. You can think about your own opinion and how to best express it. You will think about the language that others have used and what words will best show what you are thinking. And you are practising your writing skills. You KNOW that people in this class, in other classes, and all over the world can read and are INTERESTED in, your opinions. That is why I say learning is about conversation.

This lesson your task is to read the blogs of other Year 10 students. Read a number of entries until you find one that you want to respond to. You will find lots of different personalities among the writings of the students and they will approach the issues they are writing about in different ways. You will not always agree with their views on what they are writing about.

Leave a number of thoughtful comments with writers you both agree with and disagree with to continue the conversation (make sure you are logged into to your own blog when you do this so they can get back to you). Then having read a number of different opinions on different issues, write a blog entry of your own on something that is interesting to you at the moment. It could be based on something you have read in other blogs, or a new topic.

If you refer to other blogs make sure you put in a link to that blog. If you can't think of anything to write about, write about the best film you have seen lately and why it appealed to you. If you have time you may like to look at these Year 11 blogs as well.


 Image attribution: www.flickr.com/photos/50698336@N00/2735401175