First Blog.

nfft the g looks weiird

this is my first blog!

should I be exited?

What do I do?

My name is Ash.


I have friends XDTongue out

hmm these smilies are weiird.


I should probably say something awe-inspiring.

meh. If Im anything, Im lazy. Very lazy. yup.

^.^ bye!



yaay I have just figured out how to add friendsies and I have shemg and bri.. now I want to be able to go to my own homepage and this is incredibly confusing but who cares?

I want to go read naruto!


Should I list all the manga I read/read and anime I seen? Since Im fairly new at this Japanese style of comics, the list is not too long! oh well...

Cant be stuffed. XD


What do you want to do when you grow up?

Aint I already grown? :S
I'll prob be saying "when I grow up" in Uni.
Anywayz, people. They keep asking me what I want to do when I grow up..
And what happens if you're mediocre and have no idea? Or not really even passionate about anything?

See, I'm smart and I probably have a lot of options, but what do I want? A good paying job where I can not work too hard and do stuff I enjoy.
for example:
I love animals. Can I get a well paying job and not have to surgery? *shudder*
I like kids. Can I get a well paying job with that? One that I'm comfortable with?
I love music. Can I do anything with that? music teacher maybe? performer? rock player? that could be .. interesting.
I'm good at maths. Maybe I'll follow my mothers lead and be a maths teacher?
I like computors and technology. Maybe I'll follow my fathers lead and be a programmer?
Architecture.. sounds brilliant. Perhaps I'll be an architect and design cool buildings and stuff.
Maybe I'll work on a farm. Maybe not.
Then again, I like fire. Maybe I'll be a pyromaniac. A bush ranger. A firefighter. An arsonist.
*shrugs* who knows, who cares....
Maybe I'll be an author, an artist. I love reading, I love drawing.
Maybe I'll be a voice actor. I love anime and manga.
Maybe I'll be a librarian.
See what I mean? choices choices. they all appeal in their own way.
I mean, even famous criminal-pirate has its own certain ring to it.

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