"Can you imagine a colour you haven't seen before?"

Err, Foreword?:
Aaah, it's so hard to post on a specific topic. So i think i'll take the option of "write about what ever you want."

Ok I'm gonna steal another post from the same place i got the metaphors one. (But they are both originally my ideas anyway, so it doesn't really matter. [does it :S?])

Main post:
I came up with this idea, that we all have the same favourite colour... We just see it on different things..

For example, lets say that everyone's favourite colour is what I perceive as "blue".

I see this colour in the sky...
But maybe someone who says they like the colour "green" actually sees what i perceive as blue in the grass.
and they only call it "green" because that is the colour name attached to the object.

How do you describe a colour other than saying... "Err... it's blue..." or "It's like the colour of the sky"

After explaining this idea to a friend she said: "Whenever I see you I'm going to be wondering if my hair looks green to you." ^__^

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